Licensing Information

For Youtube:

Please contact the record label that released the xKore music that you wish to use, and ask for their permission. For any music that has been released on a record label, it is out of our hands to give permission for use in Youtube videos. The licensing policies for these pieces of music may vary from label to label.

Any music that has been released for free or outside of a record label may be used in Youtube videos, however there will be a content ID match for third party content on this video. This will claim any ad revenue FOR ONLY THE MUSIC PART OF THE VIDEO. It will not affect your accounts standing with Youtube or your ability to claim ad revenue for the video part of your upload. (You are able to do this if you part of a network with a CMS, please get in contact if this is a problem for you.)

It has come to our attention that the tracks "Need You Ft Zoe & Naomi" and "Need You (Centra Remix)" were uploaded to a channel called "NonCopyrightSounds" for promotional purposes. As set out in the descriptions to the uploads of these tracks, this does NOT indicate that there is no copyright on these tracks. We apologize for any confusion arising from this. These two tracks follow the same policy as all other xKore music as set out above.

Any inquiries can be sent to xKore MGMT at matt@kinphonic.com


For Commercial Use:

Please contact xKore MGMT at matt@kinphonic.com